Thursday, 23 November 2017

The problem of art of living; How to live?

Once upon a time a fish named Mindy identified itself to be a fish , the self identification was unique and precious . With that came the knowledge of other fishes and sea creatures , the knowledge of existence of sea, its composition !

 Mindy had always found itself in the water, never knew how and why she was there and being a smart, mindful fish as she was ,she started working on the hypothesis of how and when the sea was formed and about different other sea and sea worlds.

Mindy was different, She could rationalize that." life could just not be just looking for food, mating and wandering in the sea aimlessly! "
There ought to be some aim ,some lofty goal

Mindy was revolutionary and progressive at heart. She had faith in involution , always striving to be better without and within .
 The other fishes were mindless , they knew nothing , no self knowledge, no higher goals, no urge to transcend!
"They were just living!!"
Mindy was searching for the best answers and tips as to "how to live" .Striving to live a fulfilling , meaningful and perfect life! She did not also just consume any food but the right food!
Mindy also believed in a a new self less world where there was just unconditional love, she was more like humans, less like fishes, all the other fishes had no concept of self and thus they spared the effort to be self less!
Mindy was tied up in its pursuit of self improvement and self exploration. 

The life was now not so easy as Mindy was now this pursuit, a pursuit to be what Mindy was not ! She was looking for some entity who could lay down the correct path for her..Mindy was no doubt worked up,weary of its search, always on a lookout until she finally died! 
But Mindy had inspired many creatures to search for their goal,to try to live healthily and happily, To work to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life!
The basic and the most relevant question of "how to live" would now be central to their living! The core of their struggle and travails.
The other aquatic life forms were just living! or life was just happening!

Everyone telling everyone as to how to live
Waging a war itself and then looking for olive
The thought strives to know, what it already knows!
And the life beyond all this just flows!!

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